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Buying A New Guitar

Buying A New Guitar-What To Consider

Prior to buying a new guitar, there are various options you have to think about first. That way, you can narrow down what you want. It can be overwhelming to find a good guitar at first, but when you do some research it becomes a lot easier to get the right one. A Guitar’s Price…

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Close-up: Hands Of A Musician Playing Electric Guitar

Learning Guitar Theory Can Improve Your Playing

The great thing about learning to play guitar is the way it can be approached. One perfect strategy doesn’t exist, because people are different. Everyone is going to have a special way of learning. But this diversity has also sparked a continual debate on whether learning guitar theory makes or breaks the creative side of…

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American Popular Music History

Did you ever wonder how the music of today became what it is? Music has been around as long as man has been around. He may have stumbled upon the sound of music by cleaning an old bone or maybe he discovered that his own voice could make musical tones. As civilization grew, so did…

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effects pedals with amp and guitar

See What Effects Pedals Can Do For Your Guitar Playing

When you are trying to learn to play the electric guitar, you have probably listened to a song and heard some pretty cool sounds being made during a lead or maybe throughout the whole song. It could be a wah sound or it could be a sound that you have never heard before. Most of…

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Guitar maintenance. Rolled old guitar strings and an electric guitar. Changing guitar strings.

Guitar Maintenance To Keep Your Axe Sounding Great

If you want to keep your guitar sounding good, then you must take care of it and perform easy maintenance on it. There is nothing very hard about taking care of a guitar and the better you care for it, the less work you will have to do on it. It doesn’t matter if you…

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