The Joys Of Learning To Play Guitar

Every instrument has its own special qualities and sound, but the guitar is just something completely different. Apart from the fact that it’s the coolest instrument out there, the variety of styles that can be performed on it is amazing. From classical to rock, you’ll never get bored while learning to play guitar.

Group of happy relaxed young people drinking beer and playing guitar outdoorsAs you are reading this you might be thinking that you are too old or too tone deaf to even try playing guitar. The truth is that you’re never too old. Just like anything else in life, playing guitar is an exercise that gets easier as you practice. Anyone can learn to play, regardless of their natural talent. You might not become a rock star, but you will definitely keep friends and family entertained around the campfire.

Simple Tips For Learning Quickly

These are some basic tips you can follow in order to speed up your learning process.

Step No. 1 – Play When You’re Bored

If you find yourself sitting around at home with nothing to do, but you don’t feel like actively learning something, just pick up the guitar and fiddle with it. Don’t try to play chords or scales. Just let it rest in your arms as you pick the strings.

The purpose of this exercise is to get comfortable with your instrument. As you learn to play you will also learn how each note will sound and even feel differently. Get used to the feeling of the strings and how certain amounts of pressure can change the sound.

Step No. 2 – Tune Guitar By Ear

Tuning a guitar only based on hearing isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it’s definitely possible. One of the first things you should develop is your tuning skills.

The reason why tuning skills are important is because it will teach you to focus more clearly on the sound of the notes. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you start to understand the whole concept of playing when you understand how it’s tuned.

Step No. 3 – Don’t Get Caught Up In Theory

Yes, music theory is very important and it’s always recommended to learn the basics. If you plan on playing with a band and you don’t know the name of basic chords then there is going to be a major communication gap between you and your fellow musicians.

But it’s also important to enjoy playing. Never be scared to just fool around and just letting go of all your frustration. Instead of seeing the guitar as something you have to overcome, see it as a tool to help you express yourself.

Your fingers are going to hurt a little bit and you will get frustrated the first couple of weeks, but when it comes to a guitar you tend to get quick results that will help to motivate you. Don’t compare yourself to people that have been playing for years or even that simply learn quicker. Natural talent does have an influence when learning to play guitar, but it should never be your source of inspiration.