Electric Versus Acoustic Guitar

When a person wants to learn how to play the guitar, one common question is whether they should buy an electric or acoustic guitar. Both types have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Row of classical acoustic guitars in musical store.Acoustic guitars are great for learning since they are affordable and portable. All you need to play the guitar is a pick. You should also buy a guitar strap. You have enough to do without trying to hold onto the guitar so it doesn’t slip off your knee while you’re practicing.

When you look for an acoustic guitar to buy, you should look at the guitar’s action. The strings should not be far off from the neck, otherwise, you’ll struggle to push the strings down properly. This will end up leaving you frustrated and unwilling to practice more often.

You may find a reasonably-priced acoustic guitar with good action and great sound for around 300 dollars. Be aware that if you play lead guitar, this is not the best type of guitar to purchase.

Man guitar player on acoustic electric guitarIf you like hard rock, metal, or acoustic guitars it may not be the best choice. An acoustic guitar is good for soft rock and rhythm playing. If you want to play lead guitar, electric guitars are best. You will also need the accessories that make it possible to hear the guitar.

An electric guitar may be used to play all types of music. However, you’ll need an amplifier to hear the guitar. When you first start out, you can buy an electric guitar kit, which will consist of a guitar and a small practice amplifier. You will also get a cord to connect the amp and guitar, a strap, a pick and a set of strings. These kits often include a CD and book.

This type of kit will cost you at least a few hundred bucks. Remember the quality and sound of these kits won’t be great. However, if you stick with playing the guitar, you’ll want to buy a better guitar in the future. At that time, you should be able play more songs and then you will probably want to learn how to play lead guitar.

Acoustic guitar and Teal colored electric guitarThe right kind of guitar will help you stay inspired. If you become frustrated when you begin your learning experience, you may put the guitar down and not pick it up again. Everyone experiences some frustration as they learn how to push the strings down, making note and chords.

However, practice makes you better. If you can’t push down the strings because the guitar’s action is too high, your playing won’t improve over time. This frustration can be avoidable, just make sure the action on the guitar is right from the beginning. Good equipment makes the difference in the sound you produce. When you begin to get better at guitar, you’ll want to have the best equipment.

Deciding whether you want an electric or an acoustic guitar is a choice that you need to make based on how much you can afford and the type of music you play. Even if you want to play the lead guitar, but can’t afford to buy an electric guitar with the accessories, you can start by buying an inexpensive, good acoustic guitar.

If you start with an acoustic guitar, you can buy an electric guitar in the future after you have saved enough money. Until you get the guitar you want, you can practice on the acoustic guitar. If you keep practicing, it won’t be long before you are playing and making music.

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