Tips For Finding Good Guitar Lessons

Do you want to learn how the play the guitar? Knowing how to play a musical instrument offers many benefits. Few things are more rewarding than being able to play your favorite songs by yourself, and the discipline required to master an instrument can be applied in many other parts of your life as well.

Female looking frustrated with male music instructor teaching how to play guitarWhile some people try to teach themselves how to play guitar, the best way to learn any instrument is under the tutelage of a skilled musician. However, you can find good instructors online as well. If you need help finding good guitar lessons, here is some useful advice. Keep these tips in mind when you are looking for an instructor.

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It is important to remember that knowing how to play an instrument is not the same as knowing how to teach someone else to play. While you may have friends who are skilled musicians, resist the temptation to ask them to teach you. Just because they can play the guitar does not mean that they will be able to teach you effectively.

However, you should ask your musically-inclined friends where they were taught. They may be able to recommend an instructor, or at least give you some tips to point you in the right direction. This way, you will not waste as much time trying to find someone to teach you.

There are many good instructors online these days as well. The great thing about finding a good teacher who has made videos instructing others is that you can rewind the videos over and over until you get it right. If you pay for the membership, you will also be able to ask the instructor questions via email or maybe, Skype chats or Google hangouts.

I subscribed to Guitar Tricks and they helped me tighten my playing tremendously. There are lessons for beginners to experts. You can learn how to practice the RIGHT way so you won’t build bad habits that are so difficult to break once you learn them. There are tons of step-by-step video tutorials that teach you how to play your favorite songs. There are a few other good online lessons, but I used Guitar Tricks membership site to improve my playing dramatically. Here are a few examples of the videos you can find on their site:

Campfire Acoustics Lesson


Easy Intro To Major Chords


Eddie Van Halen Artist Study

If you have a university or a community college in your town, the music department may offer courses of instruction for non-students. Even if they do not, some of the teachers may offer private lessons on the side. Get in touch with the department and see if anyone can help you find lessons.

There are also many private instructors who are willing to teach you how to play guitar. You can often find such teachers in various ways. For example, stop in a local music store and see if they have a board where people can advertise lessons. You can also search online for private guitar teachers.

Before you choose a particular instructor, however, you should ask for some references. Get the names and contact information for some previous students. By talking to these people, you can get a sense for the teacher’s style so that you can decide whether or not he would be a good fit for you.

It is also a good idea to meet the instructor in an informal setting before your first lesson. This way, you can get to know him and make sure that your personalities do not clash. Even if the instructor is very skilled and experienced, you will not enjoy as much benefit from the lessons if the two of you do not get along. It is important to choose a teacher who you can respect and trust.

Finding good guitar lessons can take some time, but with these tips, your search does not have to be too extensive. Before long, you will be able to find a teacher who will show you the ropes. Soon, you will be playing along to all of your favorite songs!