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Learning Guitar Theory Can Improve Your Playing

Close-up: Hands Of A Musician Playing Electric Guitar

The great thing about learning to play guitar is the way it can be approached. One perfect strategy doesn’t exist, because people are different. Everyone is going to have a special way of learning. But this diversity has also sparked a continual debate on whether learning guitar theory makes or breaks the creative side of playing. The truth is that theory does open up a whole new world, but it is your choice if you want to […]

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Guitar Maintenance To Keep Your Axe Sounding Great

Guitar maintenance. Rolled old guitar strings and an electric guitar. Changing guitar strings.

If you want to keep your guitar sounding good, then you must take care of it and perform easy maintenance on it. There is nothing very hard about taking care of a guitar and the better you care for it, the less work you will have to do on it. It doesn’t matter if you play guitar for fun or if you are a professional guitar player, you have to take care of the guitar. Many guitars […]

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Tips To Help Your Guitar Playing Improve

man playing guitar

Your goal is to keep getting better at the guitar. The best times when playing are those times that you can just feel the music without thinking and let your fingers go where they know they are supposed to go. That’s when your creativity will start to blossom. It’s almost like breathing because your brain knows what to do and you don’t have to force it. Here are some things to help your guitar playing improve. If […]

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How To Find Online Guitar Playing Sites

If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar, you are going to want to look for education resources that you can use in order to learn properly. One of the easiest and best ways to do this is to utilize online guitar playing sites. However, you are going to want to find the best possible sites for the best results. Below we will discuss some of the things to consider when finding online guitar […]

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How To Take Your Guitar Playing to The Next Level

Most people have to work first at getting their fingers to move on the fret board properly and playing chords when they first start learning how to play the guitar. After they learn these skills, they are ready to move on to playing lead guitar. Playing lead guitar comes from learning the scale patterns. The problem is that many new guitar players don’t know why their lead sounds the same as their practice scales. The main reason […]

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